Daredevil Dreams By Karthick Hemabhushanam Book Review

Daredevil Dreams
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Title:- Daredevil Dreams
Author:- Karthick Hemabhushanam 
Genres:- Fantasy
Pages:- 207
Language:- English
Publisher:- Leadstart Publishing
Publishing Date:- 25/10/20


Hello guys, writing horror books always needs essence like the creative story, compelling script, gripping plotline, and engaging writing style. Today we are gonna look into an interesting horror book. At first, I was compelled by the prologue of the book which was so intriguing. So picked this horror book named, 
 "Daredevil Dreams"
Written by Karthick Hemabhushanam.

The plot revolves around a young boy named,  Arjun who is just ten years old, a fifth-grade student, suffers from a rare congenital disease, and is born to a couple after fourteen years of their marriage. He has a friend named Disha who a bold girl, even though she was just ten but thoroughly enraptured with words like robbery and murder. Disha shares video games with him, where Arjun gets familiar with the character named Patrick Jordon. Arjun deceives nightmares where he witnesses live murders. The ghost warned him that if he takes the secret of the murder with anyone, there will be a serious fallout. But Arjun used to share this with his friends and also to the police about the murders and helps them solve the cases. This was not supported by his parents who are frightened for his health and security as he is the only child of them, while everyone else was praising Arjun for his courageous actions. To know what happened next, grab the copy asap! 

The book encompasses fifteen chapters with two hundred plus pages. The plot is unique and unusual. The secondary characters are portrayed well. As I was in Chennai last two years, I thoroughly connected and related to the Chennai references very well. The writing style could have been better although I liked the narration which was engaging until the end. The book was made fast-paced. This book definitely had an impression on me. Only if the writing style and grammar were polished, it would be a great hit. The end could have been better. There are some aspects like, Arjun's mother who was a teacher drops her job to take care of the family is an old-fangled thing and Arjun's dad slapping his wife without apologizing later and Arjun slapping Disha at the beginning. I don't particularly encourage them even if it's a fictional story. If you do not seek more detailing then you can go for this book. I take this as more of a fictional story since most of the aspects happening in the plot other than the ghost stuff are quite unacceptable to me. Recommended to all beginners who enjoy horror and mystery.


Daredevil Dreams By Karthick Hemabhushanam Book Review

Karthick Hemabhushanam

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