Chill Out and Cheer Up: A Ten-Step Guide By Grace Grossmann Book Review

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Title:- Chill Out and Cheer Up
Author:- Grace Grossmann
Genres:- Self-help
Pages:- 229
Language:- English
Publisher:- YellowScribe Ltd
Publishing Date:- 8 January 2021


The very first thing I wish to say after reading this book is that it is the most needed in today's life, where people are stressed out too much and mental health is affected.  We all run in a track called life, searching for happiness, without enjoying or discovering the happiness and beauty in the simplest of things. 

 This book would be  an eye opener for people, who work so hard to earn money, invest that money into other means but forget to invest time for themselves!  It shows light on how social media is affecting us, making us compare lives and talents, destroying our well being. 

I loved the positive energy the book imparted.  I loved the pace in which the book is written- both calming and good to read.  I loved the poetry/ verses used.  I loved the art in the book, though amateur, it had a lot to convey!  

The part that I loved more in this book is 'Little Things'.  Finding happiness in little things, in the smell of rain, bird's tweets, and whatnot!  Little happiness is everywhere around us. Nice to hear, isn't it?  

It is somehow different from other self help books I have read!  It imparts joy and happiness and most essentially peace.  That was a long read for me, that it took longer than reading other books for me. 

I highly recommend this book for everyone out there, who is searching for happiness and peace.  Chill out and cheer up, guys!


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 Grace Grossmann

Yoga Teacher & Wellbing Coach

berlin, Germany


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