Space Taxis By Adam Frosh Book Review

Space Taxis
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Title:- Space Taxis
Author:- Adam Frosh
Genres:- Science Fiction
Pages:- 340
Language:- English
Publisher:- Burton Mayers Books
Publishing Date:- 06 November 2020


The beginning of the book introduces Mike Rodolfo is a cab driver who is completely dependent on this job. His behavior, the gunshot holes in the back of the cab all increased my curiosity to read the book.  This book has that magic to hook minds in the first 5 pages. However, I hadn't expected the consequences coming that had caught my mind completely, increasing my expectations much fold. 

The story has two-time frames, one in The 1970s, where the cab driver Mike is abducted by the aliens of planet Vost and he somehow stuck there unable to return to earth due to their government policies, that he has to earn his fare to go back to earth. Another is in The 1940s, dealing with a couple, Marianna and Kominsky, trying to run away from the place, as Marianna is a Jew, and their lives are at stake there. The unexpected consequences keep the story moving and the plot entirely is so satisfying.

I loved the real historical usage in the story that made it more realistic and I'm tempted to read more about 1940's history of Europe, especially concerning Jews.  The world-building of planet Vost is amazing.

I had trouble remembering the names of the characters, as there are so many lining up, especially in Planet Vost. However, I appreciate the author for the short note at the end of the book, with character names and the one-line explanation about them.  

What I loved about this book is that it is a combination of science fiction, mystery, thriller, fun, and a lot more events.  The writing style is so good. The descriptions and the realistic dialogues made me feel like everything happening in front of my eyes.

I'm glad I got a chance to read this amazing book.  If you are someone who loves science fiction novels that are related to space and aliens, then this is surely your cup of coffee. 


Adam Frosh




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