The Rudest Book Ever


the rudest book ever

About the Book

The world-famous book ''The Rudest Book Ever'' was written by great author ''Shwetabh Gangwar''. He is a professional problem-solver and he’s ace at it. For the past five years, people from all over the world have contacted him with their troubles and he’s worked these out for them.

In the process, he has picked up on a simple pattern: people need a set of principles and perspectives to protect them from all the unnecessary bullshit they go through. Codes to live by, essentially. The total number of pages in this book are 221.


Review OF The Book

In the last several years, Shwetabh has solved many problems in the life of other people, so that he knew that one thing, problem are in everyone's life and

We need some perspectives and principles to deal with these problems,

Because the problem cannot spoil those who live with the strong  base of perspective and principal in their life.

So today I am going to tell you some interesting perspectives and facts which are very interesting and important for all.


  • 1. People are weird

If you look at a puppy, you get a signal of cuteness.And you think he will play with you And when you see a lion, you are scared and you think that he will attack you. In the same way if you think about people, if they talk to you well and behave well then you think that people are good and if people reject and talk to you in a rude manner you think that people are bad. So in the end what are the people?  Some of you will say that people are complex and we cannot understand them  But this statement will not help us because this statement does not tell anything. If we think people are good that will become too positive or  if we think people are all bad it will become too negative. So we should choose the way between both kinds of people that people are weird. This will be a better perspective because weird is neither positive nor negative. Sometimes we hear  on the internet that people are saying themselves weird. People are weird from this kind of perspective in our mind. We allow people to behave in any kind and we don't judge them. If someone rejects you then people are weird thinking you can move forward. Reject, failure and losses are a part of life You have to change your perspective about all this. Rejections are part of our life and it is normal even if you are genius, talented, strong and no matter how helpful you are people will reject you because people are weird.

  • 2. Don't seek approval

When we are younger, we allow people to decide whether we are excellent or not for example even if you have done good in your exam but even after you wait for the teacher to appreciate you because teacher's appreciation is more important than your self satisfaction. That is we give power to judge the teacher whether you have the ability or not. We grow up, but this habit does not go away and we become more dependent on the approval of others than self-improvement. We have to do something in life but what to do: we don't know. Therefore, those people whose approval we want, we start doing what they like And this is how we lose our identity.

The Rudest Book Ever By Shwetabh Gangwar
  • 3. Choose satisfaction not happiness

Happiness is the reason for most of our work. We never understand the difference between satisfaction and happiness. We get happiness in watching movies and spending time with our friends, but we do not get satisfaction. We do not know that self-satisfaction gives us peace and happiness is a byproduct of peace. For example if you Ignore a movie and a party and you decide to complete a project And after a lot of hard work, when the project succeeds completely, which will give satisfaction and peace and It is more than the happiness of the movie and the party. That is why we should suck up long term satisfaction except for Momentary Happiness.

  • 4.You are a nation

We should see ourselves as a nation.  You are one nation and others are another nation. Your friend's parents etc are your neighbor nation. You're a president of your nation and your ethics and morals quotes are your constitution and your self control is your security forces and desires and urges are which make trouble for your are your terrorist and if you want to bring your nation forward so you have to you have to bring your security forces ( self control) to control over your terrorist (desire and urges).

  • 5. Disadmire never follow

We generally divide most people in life in two categories that people are good and bad. Somebody's hero and someone is a villain Whereas in actuality people are not completely good and completely bad.

Whenever you consider someone as a role model, then you also believe that they are good and they can never do any bad thing. And you start copying them and you ignore their mistakes. We should embrace whatever skills and quality they have, rather than following someone blindly.

The Rudest Book Ever By Shwetabh Gangwar
  • 6. Learn how to think

Many people have told you to think differently, think outside of the box or open your mind etc but no one tells you how to do it. In childhood, when we wanted to know something, other people gave us a packet of information, which caused us to get complacent. And we used to think right about information, without thinking about it, without asking any question. And even today our habit is that we have become dependent on the packet of information, leaving the capacity to think for ourselves. So if you want to change your thinking power you should check Before taking information, you should see whether  information is relevant or not, even if you can rely on it you should think about how you can apply that information in your life or you have to change that information according to your need or not.  


So that's all from my side I hope you like "The Rudest Book Ever" by Shwetabh Gangwar.