The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

About the Book

The world-famous book ''The Power of Your Subconscious Mind'' was written by great writer ''Joseph Murphy'' in 1963. This book tells us the importance of Conscious & Subconscious Minds. The total number of pages in this book is 272.

Review of The Book

Hey guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine. Today I'm going to tell you one big secret that why some people are getting more information in there Mind and Some aren't. Some People get what they want while some don't get what they want.

Just to understand, If we divide our brain into 2 parts, so 1st will be our ''CONSCIOUS MIND'' & 2nd will be our ''SUBCONSCIOUS MIND''.

Conscious Mind is just like a manual car which is driven by you.
You operate the Brake, Gear, Accelerator of the car, whatever you do but after thinking.

While Subconscious Mind is just like an automatic self-drive car, that car takes decision automatically.
And also our Subconscious Mind is like a book of our life, In this lively book, you put your all thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions which are made from your Life-Experience.

If we talk about the decision process of both minds.
1st Mind (Conscious Mind) takes the decisions from your Information, Rational Decision while 2nd Mind (Subconscious Mind) always takes decisions from your background like Emotions, Feelings which you can't control directly, and 2nd Mind also controls our day to day activities like Heart Beat, Breath, Skill.
Subconscious Mind is the biggest secret of life because our Thoughts, Ideas, Believes are in our Subconscious Mind these things decide our future.

Many people believe most of the things we do Rationally, Logically by Consciously but that is not true. 
For example after getting salaries people have Logical & Rational action is that to save some money and invest somewhere. But some of them do party just after getting a salary and spend more of their limits and at the end of months, they've nothing in their pockets, so why do people do that when this is not Logical, Why don't they take actions, don't eat healthy food? And these all things are logically right for us.

Well, the reason is that the maximum actions we take in our life, we don't take Consciously.
We take these kinds of a decision by our Subconscious Mind.

Subconscious Mind always avoids pain, It likes Enjoy, Pleasure, Party, Going out, etc. If we see the studies of Experts they say, ''We do 95% things in our day to day life with  Subconscious Level''.

Conscious Mind helps us in which things should be stored in our Subconscious Mind. Means Conscious Mind is like a gatekeeper which helps us to put in Information & Experience in our Mind.

Here is the best example for our Mind, If we see any motivational video on YouTube so we think tomorrow we'll wake up early & work on the goal, and the next day when the alarm rings we just stop that and go to the bed again because your Subconscious Mind, tells you this is not normal. Every day you get up late, It's not normal to enjoy, so just sleep. and you are on to the bed again.
Similarly, things we do or not do which is occurred by Subconscious Mind and the information which is stored in Subconscious Mind
So what do we need to do in this type of situation, Well we will have to Reprogram our mind, The wrong information in our Subconscious Mind, We'll have to delete or replace it with the right information.

But how?
We just can do this by using simple and powerful technique ''REPETITION''.

Repetition is a technique when we repeat something again and again then It directly goes in our Subconscious Mind. We need to repeat our thoughts, ideas, and actions, so slowly things will become normal and automatic for Brain.

So if you want yourself to always be motivated, you should read more Motivational-Books and see Motivational-Video, So that the information will be repeated in Subconscious Mind and once the information goes in Subconscious Mind, It doesn't go out easily.

Our main aim should work on our Subconscious Mind, If we do this the good information will go in Subconscious Mind, Once the information will be in our 1st mind we'll work automatically on to it. We'll take good actions for our life, We'll make good friends, work on our actions. To make it possible there are 6 more techniques of  ''REPETITION''.

6 Technique of ''REPETITION''

  1. VISUALIZATION is the technique to assume your gold If we have a dream to be a CEO of P&G so visualizes that you've been and you are having a meeting with your clients.
  2. MENTAL MOVIE METHOD, This method is kind of similar to visualization in this method you make an image of your future dream.
  3. BAUDOIN TECHNIQUE, This technique was found by great Psychotherapist ''Charles Baudouin''. He discovered that the best way to put things in our Mind that is the time when we feel really Sleepy & Lightly.
  4. THANK YOU TECHNIQUE, in this technique we need to thank someone to our life. In a day we can thank god for our life so that our minds can get peaceful and happy.
  5. AFFIRMATION METHOD, This is a technique when we put self-affirmation into our minds. Ex. If we're sick, so you need to say to yourself I'm fine or I'm getting better than before.
  6. ARGUMENT METHOD, This method teaches us to argue to our mind Ex. If you don't wanna do any work so you should argue to your mind that, "NO'' I'll finish this work before sleeping