We're Not Made For Each Other By Anupriya Sharma

We're Not Made For Each Other By Anupriya Sharma
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Title:- We're Not Made For Each Other
Author:- Anupriya Sharma
Genres:- Romance
Pages:- 165
Language:- English
Publisher:- NOTION PRESS
Publishing Date:- 31/07/20


The ancient chronicles is the first book of the vampire series.

The book is about Leonardo who had a complicated relationship with his father and he used to beat him but on the other hand he was very close to his mother as well as his sister. One night after receiving a big beating from his father, Leonardo decided to stay in the woods rather than at the house and the same night his family was attacked by someone or something and everyone was killed or ran off to save themselves and the poor boy was left all alone.This brought the first major twist in the story.

While roaming through the woods, he eventually reached Pittsburgh where he was traded for slavery with various high lords.His life was stuck in a loop of slavery where he worked for various people and attained an age of maturity. During these years of his life he was treated in the worst way and was beaten. His owners tried to take every ounce of work that they could while this was all very pathetic and sorrowing Leonardo being a smart boy was able to complete all of his given duties while acquiring a skill set for himself.

One regular day, when he had lost all his hopes for his life to turn for better or for worse, there was again an unexpected turn to the story where he was turned into a vampire which marked the beginning of his dark life and the revenge that he wanted against the killers of his family.

Would he ever be able to find the killers of his family?
Would he ever get them the justice they deserved?
Would he ever be able to make a purpose of his living?
Would there be any light for Leonardo?

To find the answers to these questions you should definitely pick up this book.

For me, this was one of the best vampire story I've ever read. The book really kept me hooked to itself because of the great writing style. The language of the book was pretty easy to understand which makes it fit for all the age groups.The plot had all sorts of twists and turns coming, which never made the book boring or out of place.All the characters were well built and had a back story which really made me feel connected to these characters. I would commend the author who was able to fit the first part of the story in 160pages without rushing into it. The book had all the elements like emotions, suspense, thriller and obviously without any doubt the supernatural aspect was my favourite. The book really offered something new and different from the typical vampire stories. Hence i can speak that the rest of the books of the series will definitely be interesting and I'm really looking forward to reading them too.

If you're someone who's really into the supernatural world and someone who loves thrillers then this book is definitely for you.


We're Not Made For Each Other By Anupriya Sharma

Anupriya Sharma 




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