The Last Lumenian By S.G. Blaise Book Review

The Last Lumenian By S.G.  Blaise Book Review
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Title:- The Last Lumenian
Author:- S.G.  Blaise
Genres:- Science Fiction
Pages:- 377
Language:- English
Publisher:- Burton Mayers Books
Publishing Date:- 10/07/2020 


The book is stunning and I can't help myself from returning to the cover, to enjoy it's beauty again and again.  The first expression this book created is that the author is very confident that her book is addictive, and well, that's true!  

I was quite confused if to add it as fantasy, the entire story has such  elements in it, and space related things like space wars and so much more, wants me to classify it as science fiction.  But I think both fantasy and science fiction lovers would find this book interesting and 'addictive'! There is Adventure (a bit more) and romance, adding to the goodness of the book.  

For fans of " Aurora Cycle" and "Six of crows duology" , " The last lumenian" is the perfect mix of space adventure and fantasy. I don't read a lot of books in this genre. But I completely adored this book. I read both Aurora Cycle and Six of crows duology last year; this book evoked the same feeling within me as those. It has huge potential to get a huge cult following. So I urge the fans of those books to give this one a try. 

The writing style was articulate and magical. The narration was written in first person. The tone of the book was charming and persuasive. The theme of the book was the war between the light and the dark. I loved the fantasy world of this book with us various galaxies and coalitions. The characters were very deep and relatable. The description of the setting was fantastic. The book had a lot of strong female leads which was really refreshing.

There were a lot of cheeky elements in the glossary at the end which legit cracked me up. I would definitely be looking forward to read more from this author. The story revolves around Lilla. She is a Princess in the Coalition that her father heads. Her mother dies when is quite young. Ever since her father married her ex-friend Beathag, he has completely changed. Lilla has her mother's rebellious spirit in her. She wants to save the refugees in her world along with her best friend, the healer.

In comes Callum from Teryn, a place known for eradicating entire races. But he has a soft spot for Lilla. There are prophecies, magic, mages, Goddesses and Evil. Era war is the ultimate war of destruction and Lilla is the only one who can prevent it. Will she succeed in her endeavours? Read to find out!

Recommending it to all Fantasy and sci-fi lovers!


The Last Lumenian By S.G.  Blaise Book Review

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