Me Ki Gai By Atul Khekade Book Review

Me Ki Gai By Atul Khekade
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Title:- Me Ki Gai
Author:- Atul Khekade
Genres:- Self help
Pages:- 267
Language:- English
Publisher:- Notion Press(India)
Publishing Date:- 06/08/2020


 “Always remember the end of one road is the beginning of another and often better one.”
There are very few books with the power to change our outlook on life and Me Ki Gai may be one of them.
While Ikigai may be presented as a philosophical concept, its discovery is unique to every person. This discovery makes life worthwhile and rewarding to live. Me Ki Gai (Simply Me(I) ki Gai) is a young man’s journey to discover his Ikigai zone. The principles of Ikigai mentioned in this book are known to have changed many lives. Great lessons like follow a career which makes you happy, love is a mutual decision between two people, etc. are just the abstracts that this great book has to offer. 
Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in Mahabharata, similarly, Prabhudas (Prabhu means god in Hindi) guided Parth. Just like Krishna clears all doubts of Arjuna and tells him the true purpose of life, Prabhudas guides Parth and clears all doubts that Parth had. Parth is the main character in this book. A boy in his early twenties and like any other youth of today is directionless and lost, unsure of what his future holds. He gets so frustrated and confused that when he finds no way out he decides to quit…from life. That is when a miracle happens, and Parth meets the mystical man Prabhudas who further helps Parth find his Ikigai. I would recommend this book not only to the youth but to everyone who is in search of their purpose, their goal, or their inner self. This story echoes the pain, the confusion that millions of individuals are going through but it also provides an answer to come out of that pain that suffering and find what everyone deserves ‘Happiness in Living’.


Me Ki Gai By Atul Khekade

Atul Khekade

Entrepreneur and Financier



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