Blood On The Sands By Sujata S. Sabnis Book Review

Blood On The Sands By Sujata S. Sabnis
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Title:- Blood On The Sands
Author:- Sujata S. Sabnis
Genres:- Mystery
Pages:- 224
Language:- English
Publisher:- Amaryllis publication 
Publishing Date:- 11/10/2020


Gripping storyline with perfect element of Mystery - A book strongly recommended for mystery lovers

The murder mystery is one such genre that is appealing to many book lovers, and I am no different in this case. I was waiting long to read some interesting mystery novel, which can give a boost to my love for mystery. All thanks to Author Sujata S. Sabnis, for presenting this outstanding mystery novel. It completely satisfied me as a reader. 
Cover Page: The first look of the cover page, gives a clear indication that there will be a mystery in the plot. You will find the Banjara look lady with a dupatta over the head at the backdrop of the desert. The cover page reveals the true elements of murder and mystery. The cover page is beautifully designed.
Plot: The story of "Blood on the Sands", is set at the backdrop of Rann Of Kutch, known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. At the beginning of the story, you may find it slow-paced by still not boring. The plot picks the pace when Virender returns to his village for celebrating Navratri with his family. Mankor is his wife and also his children's mother. Virendra works as a tracker with BSF headquarter. Upon his return, to the village, brutal murder news shattered him completely, and there are some secrets behind this. It gets revealed in the latter part of the story. The terror factor reached a new height when Virendra's family receives a threat of death. I am sure you will be keen to know about the killer in addition to the ridiculously terrible secrets. Trust me, I can very well reveal the real story, but I will not.... reason I wish you all to read it. After a long time got to read a tremendously good murder mystery. The end of the story is so much thrilling, which you can never imagine. Apart from the Mystery element, there are some emotional elements too, in the story, turning it very realistic.
Character development: 100 on 100 will be even less for the author. Each character is developed with so much perfection, that you will get a realistic-feel as if they are from your surroundings only. Hat's off to the author for her amazing character-building skill. Her style is unique, and I just loved it. 
Language and narration style: It's simple and with a natural flow. You will connect easily with the story, and that is because of the style of writing. I completed the book in just two days and that because of the gripping storyline and the writing style.
Rating: For me, it's a 5 stars story. Just pick this book and start reading.
For Author Sujata S. Sabnis, I want to say...... Uffff what a story..... you just nailed it. I wish to read many more from you & Wish you success for this book and life ahead.. 


Blood On The Sands By Sujata S. Sabnis

Sujata S. Sabnis


Pune, India


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