Between The Hearts By Pradeep Neelakandan Book Review

Between The Hearts By Pradeep Neelakandan
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Title:- Between The Hearts
Author:-  Pradeep Neelakandan
Pages:- 167
Language:- English
Publisher:- Damick Publications
Publishing Date:- 01/01/19


Life in itself is a puzzle and it becomes a tougher nut to crack when you have to deal with the orthodox mindset of your own conservative family. Inter caste marriages is still looked down upon in India even in 21st century and that is a major obstacle or hindrance in the development of a nation if people has such a narrow mindset.

 Madhu on one side is already dealing with the trauma of departure of her first love when John enters into her life and she soon develops affection for him. Now this highly entangled three sided relationship further gets complicated when her parents brings in the angle of casteism into picture. Hanging between Sridhar (her past love interest) and John, story takes all the needed turn and reach its conclusion.

 The book in various aspects bears some similarity to the novel '2 states' by Chetan Bhagat. The characterisation of protagonist I personally found flawed upto an extent but everyone goes through that phase and one can give her the benefit of doubt considering her age. The cover page is beautiful and I especially liked the way title is written on the front page. The uniqueness has a compelling effect on me. The most noteworthy point of the book is flow of the plot and the seamless narration. Readers are introduced to the inner turmoils of characters which is rare to find in books these days. If you are a fan of teen childlike love stories, can pick this up to satiate your hunger.


Between The Hearts By Pradeep Neelakandan

 Pradeep Neelakandan

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