Soul Spoken Book Review

Soul Spoken Book Review
''Soul Spoken''

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Review Of The Book

Soul Spoken by Shrea Kukreja, is a place where experiences are conceptualized by living emotions. It is a book brought together by 28 extracts and 2 poems. In this narrative, the feeling of love, conflict, ego, selflessness, restlessness, inspiration, aspiration, to name a few, have been personified. This piece highlights the perceptive interpretation of a young girl’s journey. The book intimately describes a personal, uncut revelation for her overcoming the complexities of her own being. Consistently, in all stories, you would notice the magical interplay between the mind, heart, and soul; situations when they get unlinked, and the process of stitching them back together. For example, the first chapter is based on the concept that every emotional journey always, begins with a conflict. Slowly as we read along, we transcend into her world of characterizing experiences, personifying them emotively, the nature of lust being confused with love, recognizing aspirational ambitions, intrinsic fears that are intimidating, the impact of loss, and the search to find inner peace. It is a book, where she walks the path to transition from having a conflicting mind that meets resolution & harmony, her restless heart that finally discovers contentment, and her lost soul that eventually finds belonging. Moreover, the words expressed in the book, helps us understand and accept our emotions in a way, that they are alive, to enable us to comprehend the journey towards existential sublimity. Soul Spoken is a rhythmical piece, written soulfully, narrated via different lenses, designed for young adults, who would relate to these experiences.

About The Author

Shrea Kukreja is atypically passionate about life as she lives by personifying her emotions. A near-death experience, an early loss, and constant conflicts in her mind led her to write Soul Spoken. Her thoughts and writing reflect transformational elements based on the idea of barriers and conflicts created by the self. Her goal is to help people break emotional constrictions, through her words, conveying daily factuality in a rhyme to reach an individual’s highest competencies. Soul Spoken is her premiering narrative where she has similarly expressed how emotions shape a person’s reactions in the aspect of relationships, inhibitions, and contentment. At 22, she is a Published Author, Type One Diabetic, and Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Readers Rating

1. 4.5
~Ranjana, MBA Student

2. 4.0
~Nitin Garg, Teacher

3. 5.0
~Mohan Sharma, Marketer

4. 4.5
~Shashikant Sharma, Reader

5. 4.0
~Prerna Sharma, Student

Author's Portfolio

Shrea Kukreja

Bachelor of Mass Media

Jai Hind College