When The Mystic Meets A Starfish

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When The Mystic Meets A Starfish

Review of The Book

"When the Mystic Meets a Starfish" is a collection of poems by using beautiful words and conjures up images of the untameable force of nature, ethereal love, arcane life, and esoteric inspiration. Mystic means is an enigmatic and mysterious woman having a strong aesthetic bond with every living and non-living entity of the earth. Starfish is the symbol of celestial love. The poet establishes a direct connection to the heart and soul of people through this poem. She has tried to speak with the insights of the reader. The poems are crafted in a way that they deliver to our subconscious mind. One would not like to complete this book in one sit he or she will take it slow alike one having his or her favorite dish. For me, these are bedtime poems which I would read before sleeping in order to have a peaceful mind just like listening to my favorite music. There are rarely any books which an individual reads again and again and this book is part of that list. Every additional reading clicks new mean through the reader's insights. The words create a magical environment. The poet inspiration is Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. The cover is so beautiful in design with a starfish on the seashore. Some lines from the poems 1)When I see a beautiful bluebird, shimmering like a pearl. 2)She is the silence of stars. 3)so we fall through her ephemeral eyes. 4)Under white stars of the divine, you are forever mine. 5)Rhythm in a riddle, flame in the drizzle.

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Madhushree Das



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1. 4.5
~Sanaya Verma

2. 4.0
~Mohan Singh

3. 5.0
~Mukesh Singh

4. 4.5
~Subhi Rajput

5. 4.0

~Prakash Mishra