Sand and Sea: Footprints in the Sand By Ann Meryem Baycan Book Review

Sand & Sea: Footprints in the Sand
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Title:- Sand & Sea: Footprints in the Sand
Author:- Ann Meryem Baycan
Genres:- Romance
Pages:- 303
Language:- English
Publisher:- Notion Press
Publishing Date:- 11 Jan 2019


"SAND AND SEA" the title of the book, which is so attractive and different, to be honest. As the title of the book is other, that made the first impressions great. And somehow, the title is so cozy itself so is the book. Then comes the book's cover page, which is with an abstract painting that makes every reader have a copy of the book
The book's protagonist is Hannah; she lives a miserable life and wants to live a charmed and faithful life. She is suffering from everything in her life, like facing many comments from society. Bearing all their words and living her life at her best. Because of all these comments, she feels very unworthy and lowered her self-confidence, and she became sure that her life is nothing less than a rock that cannot move and do nothing.
Then something happens that changes everything. Hannah was something more than what she thinks she could be like. When she meets a surreal man, she became a very different person. She was finding herself as a compelling, self-confident, faithful person than ever before.
She will become a very hopeful person, which she is not before.
 The writing is not lucid, so I wouldn't be recommending this book to beginners because they might face some difficulty while reading the book. So talking about the plot and story, I felt that there can be many more elements added to the story, which will make the book connect to the readers even more. Except that I don't have any other points to add because all the other elements of the book are amazingly crafted.


Sand & Sea: Footprints in the Sand By Ann Meryem Baycan Book Review

Ann Meryem Baycan


Istanbul, Turkey


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