How to Make People Like You!

How to Make People Like You

About the Book

The world-famous book ''How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less'' was written by great author ''Nicholas Boothman''. This book tells us about the deep knowledge of self-help. The total number of pages in this book is 179.

Review of The Book

Hello Guys, Today I'm going to tell, how can we impress anyone in just 90 seconds talk.

Research has shown that these days people have less attention span.

Ex. Magazine and News ads have two-second to capture your attention, In these two seconds, if you like that advertisement you'll give little attention otherwise you'll leave that advertisement.

Similarly, People make their impressions very fast, after judging us.
That's why it's really important that we'll make a good impression in the beginning and also capture their attention which could be a really important thing to make your personal & professional life.

Many times, when people meet someone the very first time so they don't know ''what should They talk about'' and also they start getting nervous, and the result of that They couldn't connect good relation with others and sometimes people don't like them or don't like to meet them again.
Because in the beginning, they had given a bad impression.

So, here are some tips that will help you to make an emotional level connection by Nicholas Boothman.
How to Make People Like You

1. Meeting

If you create the right impression after meeting to anyone, so you'll make them feel safe, sincere & trustworthy. 
These 4-5 seconds are really important after meeting to anyone, that's why here are 4 simple tricks to make it possible.

Be Open 

Be open, means to open your body language and attitude.

If you talk with someone folding your hands this will be the example of closed body language while if you talk without closing your hands so that will be the example of open body language.

So, always try to talk with open body language, which will help you to create good communication. 
How to Make People Like You

Eye Contact

To make eye contact while communicating can be much powerful.

When you make eye contact someone while talking, which makes you feel confident & attractive while to not make eye contact shows that you're nervous & uninterested.

And also make eye contact according to the situation otherwise that can make you look weird.
How to Make People Like You


Beam, means a genuine smile, after making eye contact with others, give them a genuine smile.
That thing will reflect your positive attitude. 
How to Make People Like You


After a smile, to start your talk you should give them a greeting with good tone & energy.
Like Hey!, Hello! & Namaskar!

And one thing better you introduce yourself, the better response you'll get.

How to Make People Like You

2. Rapport

That is the most important part of the conversation because in rapport you make an emotional & mental level deep connection.

As you know, humans are an emotional creature who thinks with their heart, and rapport helps us to create an emotional level connection.

Some tips to create strong Rapport


Sometimes, It happens when you talk with your best friend, and we just realized he/she is sad & unhappy.
So, you ask him/her, ''what happened?''
and He/she says, "Nothing''
which you don't believe, and last you got to know, ''you were right and they were really unhappy''.

For any reason, you found that you were right but how did you come to know about this, and also no one said anything about it.

Well! the answer is their attitude because our attitude directly impacts our mind which is connected with our body.

That's why If your attitude is angry so you won't be able to make good conversation because angry behavior will reflect from your body language.

Always try to make a confident, relax & supportive attitude instead of anger, rude & bored attitude.
How to Make People Like You


If you like to play cricket so you would like to be with them those who have an interest in cricket or playing cricket and if you like playing PUGB so you will like to be with them those who have an interest in playing PUBG or PUBG.

And also similar people like to be with each other while different people don't.

So, That's why if you sync on a common thing, which will help you to create strong Rapport.
How to Make People Like You



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