The Now Habit!

About the Book

The world-famous book ''The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play'' was written by great author  ''Neil Fiore'' in 1988. This book tells us, how can we stop procrastination. The total number of pages in this book is 244.

Review of The Book

Hello Guys, I hope you're doing absolutely fine. Today I'm gonna tell you, how can we stop doing procrastination in our day to day life.

It might've happened with us, that our exams are going on but instead of studying, we were passing the time. and then later felt guilt.

If such things happen to you, and you want to defeat procrastination from your life.

''Dr. Neil Flore'' who is a productivity expert has given some strategies in his book ''The Now Habit''.
Taylor was one girl who was very frustrated because whenever she used to do any work, she got tired of that work. 
She used to procrastinate any work which She got from the office and make that complete at the end.

Due to such procrastinating habits, she had a fear to be fired from the job, she tried many times to get rid of this habit but failed to overcome procrastination habits.

So, she went to Dr. Neil Fiore to find out the solution.
and she asked the solution to overcome the procrastination problem. She thought that her laziness is the actual problem.
But Dr. Neil Fiore found the different realities of this problem. Dr. Neil Fiore got to know her laziness isn't the actual reason for her procrastination. The main reason was her childhood fear.

Her parents criticized her for everything, that's why she had a fear in her Subconscious Mind that she can't do any work smartly.
And this fear was causing the problem for her.
Therefore she used to procrastinate.

The reality is that you can solve the biggest problem, you have that kind of capability. But the thing is that you should know about the problem and why about the problem.

If your Why? and What? is not clear about that problem so you'll not be able to fight with procrastination.

Many people think They can't do any work because they're lazy but the reality is that ''Laziness is a learned coping mechanism'' which we use to solve our many deeper level issues.

There are mainly four reasons why people procrastinate

1. Fear of Disapproval

In the story of Taylor, the main reason was "Fear of Disapproval'' which did not let her do the work carefully.

Dr. Neil Fiore finished by improving her Self-confidence and Self-image.

2. Fear of Overwhelm

Many times people procrastinate, they don't work on their goals because they find that work hard & tough. 

To fight this problem, you can use 3 Dimensional thinking reverse calendar technique.

Ex. You have to make a report at the end of this month. at that time two things will be in your mind 1st ''Big Work'' & ''Has to be completed''. So this 2 Dimensional thinking which will make the problem.

While you should use this, ''I have to submit the report on 30th June'' So I'll complete a rough final draft on the 25th of June. Because I have to ready a rough draft on 20th June. and I'll have to complete my research on 10th June. 
If you do this while doing the work you'll think 3 Dimensional and this Big task will become small because you've already divided into small parts.

3. Displeasure

Usually, if you see children while playing some games, So, you won't find them lazy, on the other hand, children will get bored, when they try to study.
In fact, one study has shown 80 to 90 percent of students procrastinate for studies, Because the study is everything for parents while for students that is a headache Because our education system teaches that education isn't a fun thing, and also it teaches always to be the best not good or better.

That's why the best way to deal with laziness or procrastination is to work on your passion

4. Fear of Failure

Many people think to start a big business but they don't do because they're scared of not getting regular income.
Basically, they are scared of failure not only those who started the business but maximum people have fear of failure. Because of this they never take action and procrastinate always. 

To overcome this, Dr. Neil Fiore has shared a way through which we can overcome it. and that way is known as ''To Create Safety''.
Ex. Imagine you have to go somewhere by ship. and that is your final goal.
But If there are many crocodiles in the sea and these crocodiles can eat you while crossing the sea.
So, the maximum people won't think of crossing the sea but again where you are now there one lion comes and try to eat you.

So, what will you do now?

Well now you'll think, there is one chance is to cross the sea because there will be more possible to save yourself.
and you'll choose to be in the sea and maybe you will cross that safely.